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The 1905 establishment of a business

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"An incense stick feast of incense, Buddha hydrangea tea incense."
Birthday / ... incense stick incense, a favorite and grand service of said hydrangea tea incense that are pleased with of Buddha on an anniversary of a death.
... which go that heart moisture happiness and joy visit that a heart is stained, and the evildoing is good naturally

I "was taken care of very much, and thank you last year".
In 2008 thanking you in advance.
... that I pray for having you spend happy, good one year

What put up an oath when I ask for the prayer to the shrines and temples of this year to greet 2008 with "... ", and "I do ..." in the 20th anniversary this year when, in fact, it is it in front of Buddha God not reliance upon others to ask a partner for evenly seems to be good.
And I confess it at the end of the year if I cannot do it and reflect and seem to promise again.
... that deep oath and will will originally send need on both the divorce and the marriage

Swallows coming to Awaji-baikundou every year@Swallows coming to Awaji-baikundou every yearA H19 age swallow
In the office of incense stick maker awajibaikundo, [a happy swallow] comes over and brings up a child every year.
It must be the Kannon who tells it when the pro-swallow looking happy "is happy when the incense stick thinks about a partner not one's sake".
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It is a Japanese incense sticks

The method that becomes happy

The method that becomes happy@Q

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The first screen

The introduction of the incense stick

Japanese incense sticks maker/Awaji Baikundou

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